Educational Songs for Children – LooLoo Kids

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Bunny Hop Song

Bunny Hop Lyrics

Bunny-hop, fuzzy-hop,
Quickly ran up to the top
Of the hill, with a woosh
Jumped and hid inside a bush.

When the hound came around,
Bunny-hop, without a sound
Ran as fast as he could
To the dark and gloomy wood.

LooLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs Published on Feb 13, 2018

0:00 Bunny Hop
1:07 Ten Little Indians
2:42 Ten in a Bed
5:17 The Finger Family
6:18 Pat-a-Cake
7:07 Johny Johny Yes Papa
8:37 If You’re Happy and You Know It
10:38 I’m a Little Teapot
11:52 Jack and Jill
14:23 Row Your Boat
16:24 Miss Polly Had a Dolly
17:45 Rain, Rain, Go Away
19:53 Humpty Dumpty
21:07 Hickory Dickory Dock
23:32 Itsy Bitsy Spider
25:20 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
26:53 Five Little Ducks
29:15 Bingo
31:39 Once I Caught a Fish Alive
33:37 Sleeping Bunnies
35:28 Incy Wincy Spider
37:05 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
38:15 Five Little Monkeys
40:28 Mary Had a Little Lamb
42:38 Three Little Kittens
44:57 The Wheels On The Bus
47:02 The ABC Song
48:21 Ten in a Bed
50:48 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
51:47 One Little Finger
54:12 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
55:30 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
56:57 Five Little Ducks
58:31 BINGO

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